Terms & Conditions

Please make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions prior to making a booking or before one of our staff attend to do your trampoline installation or assembly.

Appointment Times:

All of our staff do their very best to arrive within an agreed 2 hour window.
Please note this may vary slightly due to things beyond their control, for example traffic conditions, previous bookings and other matters.

Our staff will call and inform you of a early or late arrival.

Installation Times:
Installation times will vary depending on the size of trampoline, the manufacturer of the trampoline and if there are any accessories that are also to be assembled.

You are not required to be at the premises for installation, and all the following should be finalised before commencement.

1. All trampoline parts are left in a location fully accessible.
2. Full payment has been made or left in a location that our staff member is aware of.
3. The exact location of where the trampoline is being installed has either been marked in your backyard all discussed in detail with the attending staff member.

Rubbish Removal:

We do not have the services or facilities to remove your trampoline packaging/boxes. This is totally your responsibility.

Faults in your purchased trampoline:

As we are not the manufacturers of the trampoline that you have purchased we are not liable for any manufacturing faults. We do carry a full range of Vuly parts and our staff will do their best to rectify the situation. If our staff have the ability to replace any defective parts you are not required to pay for these parts as they will be covered under Vuly warranty. We will then advise Vuly and/or your reseller.

If your trampoline installation and cannot be completed due to a manufacturing defect that cannot be rectified by our staff member our full installation fee is payable.

In the situation where you intend to obtain replacement parts required to complete the installation from the manufacturer, and wish to have a staff member return at a later date to complete the installation a return fee of $55 will be payable on our return.
In this instance the full installation fee should be paid on our first attendance to your premises.

If you then decide due to problems with the company you purchased your trampoline from that you will not continue or return your trampoline to the company the above fees will apply.
Where to put your trampoline

Ideally when installing your trampoline you should have a level surface where you wish to place your trampoline.

A slight slope can be used but is not always recommended.

If you do not have a level surface a couple of things can happen. Firstly it will make it more difficult for users to use the trampoline, as it will rock around and not make it an enjoyable experience.

Furthermore what it can do is put stress on the joints of your trampoline. If this continues and any parts break on your trampoline you may possibly void your warranty with the company you purchased your trampoline from.

TrampolineInstallation.com staff are in no way equipped or instructed to level any area where you wish to have your trampoline placed.
If a staff member concludes that the installation can not go ahead due to these factors a $95 callout fee will be payable.

The most important thing you should do before one of our staff members arrive:

Please check and ensure all parts to your trampoline are enclosed, if you are unsure please contact the company you purchased from to obtain a parts list to make sure all parts are present.

Failure to do this and have a staff member arrive will result in a $95 callout fee and $45 per hour of any work performed.