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Do you need your Trampoline Installed?

Our dedicated and Vuly authorised installers are here to help!

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Trampoline Installation - Vuly Trampoline Specialist

Setup Is Important!

Having your trampoline setup properly is important.

If you do not setup your trampoline properly it can shorten its lifespan incredibly. We are an authorised installer for Vuly Trampolines.

Don't Buy Cheap Trampoline Parts

Vuly offer half price spare parts for their customers.

What SizeTrampoline?

When considering what size trampoline to buy be sure you have enough room for the trampoline.

Make sure you have space around the trampoline and nothing underneath and clear overhead. Check for low tree branches, overhead wires and uneven ground.

Which colour Trampoline pads do your prefer?

Vuly has reversible pads, blue on one side and their unique green funky free design on the other. This is purely your own choice, just let us know prior to installation.

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It is very important when measuring your trampoline that you do this correctly.
A lot of people can make the mistake when measuring the trampoline that they measure the trampoline mat, this is incorrect.
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There are some funny videos around especially involving trampolines.
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